Mud Bath

Dispersed all over Cappadocia, fairy chimneys will not be the only attraction in the region, as new mud baths will draw tourists seeking beauty and health in nature. Turkey’s first inn mud bath, formerly used as a storehouse, has opened its doors in Cappadocia’s town of Ortahisar. Visitors will enjoy a mud bath under the supervision of physicians. Extending over an area of 2,000 square meters, the facility also has a hot pool, cafes and a shopping mall. Naturally carved inns in Cappadocia are a result of lava that emerged from Mount Hasan and Erciyes over 60 years ago. The mud used in the baths is a certified type of mud commonly used for rheumatic diseases. “Aside from rheumatic diseases, mud baths are beneficial for cellulite, acne, eczema, as well as varicosis,
We are organising Mud Bath activity. Firstly, We pick you up from your hotel and then going to Place which is called Katpatuka in Ortahisar. According to your needs and wants. Mud bath activity will be made. There are Mud pool, Hot water pool and some small fishes that is named doctor, will help you to overcome skin diseases. And also you can find some organis beauty products to buy.