It is the synchronization of contents, videos and animations prepared in accordance with the natural fabric with the fabric itself. The content prepared comes first to computers having mapping software and this content is projected to natural fabric via projectors after processing. With video mapping applications prepared by one or more projectors having high lighting power, all surfaces with irregular shapes can be turned into screens.

Creative contents are gathered by the mapping technology’s rich colors and 3-D experience and audiences watch an impressive show.

Mapping, that is a complicated process, can be watched with the synchronization of 14 projectors located approximately 150 meters away from fairy chimneys and a control cabin.

The show starts at the end of the  sunset. The visual show accompanied by an impressive music coalesces with the unique Cappadocia environment and gives you an unforgettable half-hour experience.

Acoustic and visual show starting with the geological formation of the region gets more interesting with the revival of human race. You can look at first Monarchs, living conditions, Assyrian, Hittite, Persian and Alexandria civilizations, social and cultural relations as a chronological in this event.

You are going to see  intense Christian residences, monastery life, crusades, underground cities and imprints of Seljuks and Ottomans respectively and testimony the improvement of modern republic of  Turkey and Cappadocia region.


We will pick you up from your hotel, then move to the zelve open air museum then we are sitting in the cushions that have left us. And then the show starts and takes half an hour.