Experience the ultimate dose of adrenaline packed adventure including extreme 360 degree Hamilton spins, high-speed drifting, and other exciting manoeuvres… Whilst exploring the beautiful Kizilirmak river. Cappadocia is fast becoming the adventure capital of Turkey and Jet Boating is the new, ‘must do’ activity for the whole family.

Tour with a break : 30 min. ( Coffee break at Sarıhıdır village and old village tour on request)Tour without a break : 20 min. Minimum passenger : 4

Arrival of our guests at the Kapadokya Jet Boat & Gondola reception building. After registration and ticketing the guests are accompanied to the jetty where they are equipped with Life Jackets and Helmets. They are given a safety briefing on board.

We start with a high speed drive towards Sarihidir village. At Sarihidir we have a 10-15 minute break where the passangers are offered Tea or Coffee and have the oppotunity to take photographs and have a short walk around the ancient village. After the break we drive towards the Sarihidir HES dam (Hydro Electric Dam). All the way to the dam and back, our drivers perform high speed maneouvers and 360 degree Hamilton spins. During the Jet Boat tours there will be 2-3 additional stops to take photographs of the surrounding area and the birds.