A Balloon flight provides you with a privileged platform from which to observe the splendor that is Cappadocia. We promise you with a unique and unforgettable balloon adventure. Imagine as you effortlessly drift over unique rock formations and rich fertile valleys, all set against the dramatic volcanic landscape that formed the region over two million years ago. In a hot air balloon there is no sense of motion, the balloon is a part of the airstream in which it travels. Whether adventurous or merely curious, this is a spectacular experience for people of all ages. Let’s enjoy the best experience of your holiday in Cappadocia.


The balloons rise between 5-1000 meters above the ground depending on flight conditions. Guests will fly gracefully above beautiful valleys and spectacular fairy chimneys. No flights are identical as balloons follow the course of the wind. The flight takes approximately 60 minutes in order to maximise flight pleasure, smaller baskets are used whıch carry 12-28 passengers.

Services included are;

  • Full passenger insurance
  • Transfers
  • Snacks and beverage service before the flight
  • Minimum flıght time of 60  minutes
  • Champagne party after the flight
  • Flight certificate

Small baskets (12 to 28 Passengers)

Please contact us for information.